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(A much more detailed, up-to-date version of the FAQ can be found in the User Guide.)

  1. I have a 2 terabyte library. Will Photos Takeout be able to handle it?

    The Power version of Photos Takeout handles libraries of up to 50 GB. To export from larger libraries, you must upgrade to the Pro Power version. This can be done with a one-time in-app purchase.

  2. Are photos and videos exported in the original or reduced resolution?

    Resolution is preserved. Photos Takeout does not alter photo quality.

  3. How to export only selected photos or videos (not folders)?

    Do it from Photos app, not Photos Takeout. Select the items and either drag and drop in your desired location or (for more options) click File > Export.

  4. How does Photos Takeout differ from Photos app in exporting?In Photos, if you select multiple albums and click File > Export, all selected albums are dumped into one humongous folder. Same if you export all photos of particular years. Photos Takeout saves them in proper folders.
  5. Not all the items I selected were exported. I got the message “X files exported. Y not found.” Why?

    For Mojave and High Sierra, you must first download the photos from iCloud to Mac (See below how). For Catalina and later, Photos Takeout can fetch photos from iCloud but for a large library, it’s better to download it first. Loading and exporting speed may vary depending on the amount of memory (RAM) on your Mac, the export destination (e.g. uploading to cloud will be slower than saving to Mac HD) etc.The above message may also appear if referenced files aren’t found, and in some other cases. A text file listing items that weren’t exported is saved at Destination, so you can easily find and export them manually.

  6. How to download photos stored in iCloud to Photos app on my Mac?

    Launch Photos, click Photos > Preferences > iCloud > select Download Originals to Mac. Once they are downloaded, use Photos Takeout to export the required folders.

  1. I renamed some pictures in Photos app. If I right-click any photo and select Get Info, I can see both names. But after exporting, I only see one name. Why?

    Apple Photos stores original as well as edited file names, but Photos Takeout only keeps the edited names. Also, if multiple photos have the same name, they’ll be sequentially numbered e.g. Vacation 1.jpg, Vacation 2.jpg etc.

  2. Is metadata preserved when exporting, for photos as well as videos?

    Yes, if ‘Keep metadata’ box is checked. Photos Takeout preserves EXIF and IPTC metadata that’s added automatically by camera or manually via a metadata editing program, as well as Title, Description, Location and Keywords that you have added through Photos app (Photos app doesn’t write all this to metadata but we do).

  3. If I am exporting a large batch and want to abort the export, how to?

    Click the big blue Cancel button in the "Exporting" dialog box.

  4. I opened the app and selected the library, but the spinner has been spinning for ages and the library hasn’t loaded.

    Loading a large library can take several minutes. As a rough guide, 3-4 min for a 100GB library; 45 min for a 1TB one.

  5. I can’t get the app to work or The app hangs or The app crashes.

    Ensure that you have the latest version of Photos Takeout. If Photos app is running, close it. Click ‘Source’ in left pane and re-select the Photos Library. The app should work now. If the issue persists, email us, mentioning your OS version, RAM (GB), size of Photos library (GB), detailed description of the issue and screenshot, if any. Photos Takeout works with OS High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur, provided that the source library isn't corrupted and can be opened with Photos app.

  6. Can I use Photos Takeout to export assets from iPhoto library?

    No, Photos Takeout is only meant for Photos app running on High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur versions of mac OS. It doesn’t support iPhoto or Aperture.

  7. My question isn't answered here

    Please email us through the app, explaining the issue and stating your OS version, how many items in your library, size of the library (GB) and RAM on your Mac.

    If a feature is lacking (e.g. you would like to see any other export options), also let us know.