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Version 1.0 (04 July 2020)

1. Photos app also lets you export photos and videos. What is different with Photos Takeout?

In Photos, if you select multiple albums and click File > Export, all selected albums are dumped into one humongous folder. Same if you export all photos of particular years. Photos Takeout saves them in a sensible folder / subfolder hierarchy.

2. Are photos and videos exported in the original or reduced resolution?

Yes, resolution is preserved. Photos Takeout does not reduce photo quality.

3. How to export only selected photos or videos (not folders)?

Do it from Photos app, not Photos Takeout. Select the items and either drag and drop in your desired location or (for more options) click File > Export.

4. Not all the items I selected were exported. I got the message “X files exported. Y not found.” Why?

Mojave and High Sierra require photos in iCloud to be downloaded to Mac Photos app before export. See below how to download them to Mac. The above message may also be displayed if referenced files are missing.

5. How to download photos stored in iCloud to Photos app on my Mac?

Launch Photos, click Photos > Preferences > iCloud > select Download Originals to Mac. Once they are downloaded, Photos Takeout will be able to export them.

6. I renamed some pictures in Photos app. If I right-click any photo and select Get Info, I can see both names. But after exporting, I only see one name. Why?

Apple Photos stores original as well as edited file names, but Photos Takeout only keeps the edited names. Also, if multiple photos have the same name, they’ll be sequentially numbered e.g. Vacation 1.jpg, Vacation 2.jpg etc.

7. I can’t get the app to work. There are no photos in the right pane. When I click Years, Albums or Moments, the boxes in the lower row disappear.

If Photos app is running, close it. Click ‘Source’ in left pane and re-select the Photos Library. The app should work now. If the problem persists, please contact us.

8. I selected ‘Keep metadata’ but the exported photos have no metadata.

Please delete the exported items. In Photos Takeout, uncheck ‘Keep metadata’, check it again and re-export the photos. This should fix the problem.

9. My question isn’t answered here.

Please email us through the app for prompt assistance. If a feature is lacking (e.g. you would like to see any other export options), also let us know.